Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29 2016

 Keep it clean today

Class at 4PM and 5PM Today

On The Minute for 14 Minutes:

Odd: 3 Snatch Grip Deadlifts + 3 Snatch grip shrugs + 3 Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 Hang Power Snatch

Even: Rest, Watch and Learn


6 Rounds for Time of:

10 Ground to Overhead (Power Snatch or Clean and Jerk, athletes choice) 115/75
10 Toes to Bar

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27 2016

 Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM Today


For Time:

100 Wallballs
80 Double Unders
60 Situps
40 Box Jumps
20 Pullups
10 Ring Dips (H.R Pushups Sub)



Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25 2016

 Thanks to those of you that dropped by to watch me compete yesterday, it was a nice surprise..

Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM Today 


3 Rounds for Time of:

Run 800M
8 Front Rack Lunges (each side) 75/55
10 Push Press
12 Back squats 


5 Climbing Sets of:

3 Strict Press + 3 Push Press

Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22 2016

Class at 4PM and 5Pm Today


On The Minute for 14 Minutes Complete:
Odd: 6-9 Bench Press (Bodyweight/3/4bodyweight)
Even: 4-8 Strict Pullups


For Time:

21 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
15 Jerks 135/95
9 Thrusters 135/95

This will not do the job unless you challenge yourself and use a weight that scares you but can be done safely

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20 2016

Class at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm Today

As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes of:
5 Deadlifts 225/155
10 Burpees
15 Toes to Bar


Front Squat

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18 2016

Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM Today

"Marathon Monday"
2 Rounds for Time of: 

Run 400M
26 Hand Release Pushups
Run 400M 
26 KB Swings 53/35
Run 400M
26 Situps
Run 400M
26 Box Jumps
Run 400M
26 Double Unders


Strict Press

Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15 2016

Theres been a few missing persons this week, don't make me call you out, get to the gym
Class at 4PM and 5PM Today

On The Minute for 16 Minutes Perform:

Odd: 1 Clean + 1 Power Clean + 1 Jerk
Even: 20 Double Unders (or attempts)


For Time:

50 KB SDHP 53/35
10 Clean and Jerks 135/95  
40 KB SDHP 53/35 
8 Clean and Jerks 135/95
30 KB SDHP 53/35
6 Clean and Jerks 135/95
20 KB SDHP 53/35 
4 Clean and Jerks 135/95 
 10 KB SDHP 53/35 
2 Clean and Jerks 135/95 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13 2016

Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM Today


As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes of:

5 Toes to Bar
10 Box Jumps
15 Wallballs
20 KB Swings 53/35


Barbell Row 

Work on Handstands holds or Handstand pushups between sets

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 2016

 Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM Today


Tabata Sets of:

Hang Cleans
Air Squats
Diamond Pushups

Use a barbell loaded with 95Lbs for Men 65Lbs for women for all barbell movements - Complete 8, 20 second rounds with 10 seconds rest between before switching to next moevemnt - score is total reps


Back Squat

Friday, April 8, 2016

April 8 2016

 Class at 4PM and 5PM Today


On The minute for 14 Minutes Complete:

Odd: 1 Squat Clean + 2 Thrusters
Even: Rest

Go Heavy, no setting bar down between movements or resting in the hang


5 Rounds for Time of:

15 H.R Pushups

Rest 2 Minutes

5 Rounds for Time of:

15 Goblet Squats
20 Situps

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6 2016

Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM Tonight

 For Time: 

30 Box Jumps
30 Pullups
30 KB Swings 53/35
30 Front squats 115/80
30 Toes to Bar
30 Push Press 115/80
30 Deadlifts 115/80
30 Wallballs 
30 Burpees
30 Double Unders


Overhead Squat 


Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4 2016

Class at 4PM, 5PM and 6PM

The Weight Loss Challenge:

This was a huge success, I really am proud of how many people committed to making real changes and losing weight over the last 8 weeks.   Everybody, including the people who didn’t even need to be in the challenge lost weight.   Some people (Amy and Teresa) were told they really shouldn’t even be worrying about losing but wanted to be in it to keep their friends and/or spouses motivated and still walked away with body composition changes and weight loss, pretty awesome stuff all around.  Everybody might just be waiting to hear who won and if that’s the case you can scroll down and see the results but first I do want to point out some other peoples results that definitely deserve an honorable mention.  Everybody in the top 10 lost more than 5% of their body weight, that’s pretty huge, especially when 1 of those people, Stef, (6th place) originally weighed in at 122.6 lbs and somehow managed to lose 10lbs and drop her bodyfat percentage to 17%. For someone who really could’ve just blown this whole challenge off, she really made some big changes and it shows, great job.  In fifth place was Sara who over the last few weeks was really starting to show results and getting comments from people in and out of the gym, she took a weeks vacation midway through the challenge and still managed to come back without falling off her goal.  What people don’t know is that Saras schedule doesn’t allow her to get her every time we have class but she would email me on her days away from the gym asking about how she could modify the workout at home, she showed real commitment and ended up losing over 12 lbs (8.8%).   Fourth place was Kelly.  Kelly took this thing serious, she made excel spreadsheets for her diet on both her workout and non-workout days then had me alter them even more strict for the final few weeks, she asked me to write out workouts that she could do at home, she read articles on healthy weight loss and dropped her body weight percentage by 8.9% and body fat percentage by 9%.  Really proud.  In third place was Greg, his success is probably almost 50% due to his wife's motivation (and meals) who shouldn’t go unmentioned, Amy originally weighed in at 111LBS!!!! BUT she wanted to do the challenge for Greg and ended up losing 6 lbs herself!  But anyway, Greg was smart, he kept a weekly average of 2.5 lbs lost per week and pretty much consistently weighed in this way. This is the kind of weight loss that sticks, slow and steady by making smart choices and also making sure to increase his class attendance during the full 8 weeks.  Greg lost 19.8 lbs and I have a feeling he’s going to continue to drop, great work… In second place was Kathy, this makes me really happy (and that’s hard to do) Kathy has been with us forever and even she’ll admit this challenge is exactly what she needed to get motivated to make changes.  She came in right away, excited to start the weigh ins and lost 9 lbs in the first week!  She was the only person to lose weight every single week during the challenge and even did so over a couple of weekends that she traveled 15 plus hours in the car.  On her days outside the gym she worked out at home and has already said her 29 Lb loss isn’t enough and won’t stop until she hits her goal of 40 lbs!!! During the whole challenge I thought Kathy had it locked up and it was close, very close, 0.5% close! With a total percentage of weight loss of 15.9% Nick overtook Kathy and showed up Saturday morning straight-up welterweight at 145.7 LBS!!!  Obviously Nick is competitive as hell but this was real weight loss and he managed to bring his bodyfat percentage down to 10% and did so by never losing more than 5 lbs in one week until the final weigh in.   Nick saw the challenge and committed to it, he ran multiple road races on multiple weekends throughout the challenge, he almost never missed a class and kept his average calories to about 1500 a day.  The best thing about Nick winning this challenge was his initial response to winning. Nick immediately told me that he wants me to split the winnings with Kathy because if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t have pushed so hard throughout.  Not only am I really happy about how well Nick did but I’m 100% more happy about the fact that this challenge has built awesome morale and camaraderie in the gym with everybody involved, perfectly shown in Nicks gesture.  The total money collected was $420 for the winner, I’ve decided since Nick would like to split it up that I will be adding to it and giving both Kathy and Nick $250 each.  I really hope everybody took something away from this challenge and learned how related the foods we take in are to our weight on our scale and some, if not all of the lifestyle changes you’ve made stick.  Keep up the great work!!  Today we will celebrate by lifting some heavy ass weight!

Todays Workout:

In 15 Minutes establish a 1 rep max:


In 15 Minutes establish a 1 rep max:

Back squat

In 15 Minutes establish a 1 rep max:

Strict press

Score is the total of the three lifts

 The purpose of testing these lifts is to prove that lifting sub maximum loads with an accelerated heart rate (the metabolic conditioning workouts we do) will get you strong.  Many people think the only way to get strong is to lift heavy (85% of max plus) all the time and avoid any form of "Cardio" conditioning.  That type of training will get you strong but it will not get you fit or prepare you for anything but heavy lifting.  The type of training we do will provide results across all aspects of fitness, not just one. The chart below will show where you rank in true pound for pound strength. Get ready to hit some PR"s today at your new bodyweight!

Total percentage of weight loss final results: 

1. Nick 15.9%
2. Kathy 15.4%
3. Greg 9.3%  
4. Kelly 8.9%
5. Sara 8.8%
6. Stefanie 8.6%
7. Casey 6.8%
8. Nicole 6.7%
9. Marcia 6.4%
10. Amy 5.5%
11. Jen 3.8 %
12. Priyanka 3.5%
13. Darleane 2.9%
14. Chantal 2.8%
15. Jay 2.4%
16. Erin 2.0%
17T. Danielle 1.8%
17T. Karen 1.8%
18. Bryanna 1.0%
19. John A. 0.7%
20. Teresa 0.4%

Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1 2016

Class at 4PM and 5PM Today

Final weigh ins today and must be in by tomorrow - winner will be announced and awarded Monday - Good Luck

Strength and Conditioning:

As many Reps as Possible in 45 Minutes of:


*April Fools, Get to class, its a surprise...