Wednesday, March 18, 2020

March 18 2020

Class at 5PM and 6PM Today 


I will continue the adult group class schedule as is for the time being but classes will be for current members only, no drop ins, new members or exceptions will be allowed. Obviously if you have been around anyone exhibiting symptoms of any kind or you yourself are not feeling at all 100%, have been traveling or just do not feel comfortable being around other people right now because of the risk of contacting or transmitting the virus do not come to class. This way our groups can remain small and with diligence and extra care to keep ourselves and the equipment clean, we can still get our 1 hour of work in and break from the news and stress of the current times. For those of you that fall into the aforementioned categories I will also be posting alternate versions of the workouts here during this time that you can do at home if you feel most comfortable keeping to complete social distancing. This is not me taking the situation or making this decision lightly. Believe me, the last thing I want is to come in contact with any virus or help spread one. This is an effort to comply with the current standards and to stand by my feelings that your health and fitness should remain a priority in your life no matter what else is going on. This is how we make and keep our immune systems strong all year long, why stop when it’s strength is most needed. I’m glad that we are lucky enough to still do so with little interruption being that we are a small, private club and able to control the traffic in the gym at any time, a luxury many gyms like us don’t have and I feel for those businesses. Classes for the time being will be shortened to 45 mins to allow time for extra cleaning of equipment and less overlap of clients in the facility at one time. Stay healthy - Dave 


3 Rounds for Time of: 

Run 400M 
21 KB Swings 53/35
12 Strict Pullups 

At Home/no equipment version: 

It is really easy right now to feel unmotivated and give in to the urge to just sit around and wait this all out while staring at the TV or phone, don't allow yourself to submit to that feeling. Get up and separate yourself from the noise at least for this part of your day.  You'll feel better, it might not be the same as going to the gym and your daily routine may be all out of sorts but focusing on the things we can control will help and getting up, moving and putting this little bit of work in will always put you in a better space than not. Warm up well, hit the workout hard and try to stay positive...

3 Rounds for Time of:

Run 400M 
63 Mountain Climbers 
24 Doorknob Towel Pullups 
12 Sumo Stance Inch Worms 

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