Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 25 2020

No Classes while we wait this whole thing out but that does not mean you should be throwing away all that you've worked for. Focus less on the things you can't do and more so on what you can do, and there's plenty... As I told you guys Monday the weight loss challenge is still ongoing, don't let those goals go, the only weigh in that matters is the final weigh in and you all know what you should be doing calorically to make sure it is a good one when we get back. Below is the work we would have done in class for those of you with equipment at home to get it done. Below that is a version that can be done with no equipment at all. Get after it and let us know how it goes....

Warm Up with:

800M (3-5mins) Run Then:

3 Rounds of:

30 Single Unders
5 Inchworms
5 Rollover V sits
5 Pushups


5 Rounds For Total Reps of:

1 Minute: Bike Calories
1 Minute: KB Swings 53/35
1 Minute: Wallballs
1 Minute: KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
1 Minute: Rest

If have only some of the equipment needed sub with appropriate movements from the no equipment version below. Be creative, have fun.. 

No equipment Version:
5 Rounds For Total Reps of:

1 Minute: 10M Shuttle Sprints
1 Minute: Burpees
1 Minute: Back Pack Thrusters
1 Minute: Sumo Stance Inchworms
1 Minute: Rest

** For The Backpack Thrusters fill your backpack tight with laundry. If
you think its too light go faster or add some books to the middle. Make sure we are respecting the standards by squatting with weight in our heels, hips below parallel and standing up every rep.

** The shuttle sprints should be done by running out 10 Meters touching the ground, turn, run back touch the ground again until the minute is over. Each turn is 1 rep

The goal here is to get as many reps as possible of each movement inside each minute, transition fast because there is no rest between movements. Rest for 1 minute after working through all 4 movements and try to keep the same or better amount of reps throughout all 5 rounds.

Backpack Thrusters: 

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